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Whether you are looking for raw materials for Food &
Feed Additives, Amino Acids, Vitamins and / or Nutritional Supplements, UniChem is the best source.

Our factory relationships allow us to produce products that meet your exact specifications.

Our knowledgeable sales department can assist you with strategically sourcing products to meet all of your needs, including specifications, documentation, logistics, etc.

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Amino Acids
We carry both essential and
amino acids.

Nutritional Supplements
We stock a
wide variety
of nutritional

Food and Feed Additives
In addition to
amino acids and vitamins, we also stock sweeteners
and other food ingredients.

We stock a wide range of vitamins.

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Company News
June 2018 - Summer vacations are in full swing, but at UniChem, we’re busy planning for autumn to make sure our clients are fully supported.

In addition to increasing our inventory levels, we’ve added new ingredients to support the ever-increasing range of products being offered by our clients. We also enjoy the challenges associated with supplying ingredients for R&D projects, and our expertise in this area leads many Fortune 500 companies to seek our help internationally.

So give us a call — we’ll be here, ready to help!
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